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Fairy Cottages

 Bucharest Christmas Market can be visited every day, between December, 1st and December 30th, 10 am to 10 pm, and it will include: craft fairs with over 100 Christmas cottages, a gastronomic area, Santa’s Cottage, a skating rink and a carousel, little trains, concerts, traditional Romanian shows.

One month of inspiring gifts for every visitor who now can enjoy various products offered by more than 100 cottages grouped on categories like Handmade, Decorations Corner, Made in Romania, The Culinary Zone, Sweets for Christmas.

Our visitors will find authentic Romanian items and local products:

Decorations and domestic items

– sculptures created from wood and bone, fabrics, vegetal fibre braidings, musical instruments, icons, dolls, traditional masks, wood horns, stained glasses, icons on glass, wooden toys, vases, corn husk decorations, crosses painted on wood, paintings and celebration cards, candles, wax figures, hand-painted globes, garlands, bells.

– shelves, carpets, hope chests, spoons, choppers, rollers, decorative or functional spindles, table clothes, traditional towels, Horezu ceramics;

– natural soaps, ecological products out of lavander and roses, bio creams, natural oils and essences, bath salt, floral water, odorants and tinctures.

Clothes and accessories:

leather articles: bags, wallets, belts, peasant’s sandal, traditional costumes, glass, porcelain and wood accessories, knitwear, furriery, the art of felimongering, caps, items from clock pieces, semi-precious stones or brass and copper-alloys jewelry, shirts, bow ties, brace overalls, hats, waist-coats, pants, slippers, handkerchiefs, knitted brooch, booties, children’s knitted hats;

Various Dish Products:

– apiarian products, marmalade, jams, syrups, home-made cakes and chocolate, ginger bread, tarts, ice cream in barril, Romanian salami cookie, cheese, pastry, home-made bread, bagels, pies, “scovearga”- a traditional pie, “lap-belt” cheese pie, “alivanca” – a Moldavian cheese pie, chestnuts, peanuts, candied fruits, corn, stew, tomato bisque;

– sausages, stuffed cabbage rolls from Maramures region, meat rolls, traditional wursts, pastrami, loin, smoked meat ladder, pork fillet, skewers, chicken breast fillet and legs, pickles;

– plum brandy, slivovitz, mulled wine, natural apple syrup, coffee, teas.


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The Charity Campaign

The charity campaign called “Be kind-hearted and give! You can be Santa, too! will also take place this year. Visitors can donate toys and books for all the children in need, thus hoping to make their holidays more beautiful.

Bucharest Christmas Market, organised by the City Hall in partnership with creart, represents the official Christmas fair of our Capital.

This event will take place in the City Centre, at University Square, between December 1st and December 31st 2016 and it has been included among the most important Christmas events in Europe – “Christmas Markets”.

Every year, Bucharest Christmas Market has both a social component and a traditional one, symbolised by the fairy cottages with Romanian art items and products.

Charity campaign

The charity campaign called “Be kind-hearted and give! You can be Santa, too!” will also take place this year. Our visitors can donate toys and books for all the children in need at Santa’s Cottage where organizers have set up a special box.

You are their Santa’s! Choose to end this year by making a good deed!



Santa’s Cottage

Santa’s Cottage will be opened between December 1st and December 24th, 11.30-01.00pm and 5pm-10pm, being one of the most anticipated surprises dedicated to all the little ones. Here, in a magical scenery, all the children can meet Santa with his elves….

The elves prepare Santa’s arrival to the fair, decorating his new home for all the kids to come near the fireplace and the Christmas tree, enjoying his numerous presents.

Children may leave their letters to Santa’s post box, telling him all their wishes and good thoughts