Traditional craftsmen and plastic artists at Bucharest Christmas Market


Niculescu family – fabrics craftsman

In Niculescu family from Stoeneștii Vâlcii, the craftsmanship of woven traditional objects has been passed from generation to generation.   All the products they exhibit – Romanian blouses, traditional skirts, scarves, hangings, head-kerchiefs made of genuine silk obtained from silk worms bred on their farm.  Silk is obtained by traditional methods: spinning and then manually woven by means of the ten looms.  You can recognize the members of Niculescu family at Bucharest Christmas Market by the silk cocoons they carry everywhere.

MORARU SABINA – ceramic plastic artist

Sabina Moraru deeply respects and admires traditional folklore, whose themes and values are perfectly represented in its paintings and artworks. The objects she creates are made of ceramic tile, her paintings being folk art stylized.

Popa Stelian – traditional masks craftsman

Suitable for holiday gifts, small or big masks made by Popa Stelian are made using traditional methods by twisting hemp rope. In his hut, one can find magnets inspired by popular themes, knitted bags, hemp and flax, tablecloths made of flax fabric, but also ear-rings and paper photo frames (made by his grand-daughter).

SPIRIDON FLORIN – fur coats traditional craftsman

Mr. Spiridon Florin pleases the ladies who come to Christmas market with a generous collection of fur coats, perfect for the cold weather outside, his offer being completed by warm caps and hand –made booties.

RODICA ANDREESCU – knitted toys artisan

Her craft is the art or making knitted toys. In her hut at the Christmas market you can also find folk dolls on a wooden spoon, made by using a hemp bundle ( the making of which lasts  for three hours), hand-made jewellery, knitted objects, Christmas tree decorations and a wreaths.

GALAN MARIA – an artisan from Bucovina (traditional costumes, painted eggs, etc.)

Gălan Maria, a traditional artisan from Bucovina works with genuine silk, home-spun cotton, melted flax, using flower or geometric motifs for decorating the costumes. In her hut at the Bucharest Christmas Market you can also find wooden painted icons and beautifully painted eggs.

VASILE MOLDOVEANU – wood craftsman

He loves wood since he was a child and learned to work with it from his grandfather who was a carpenter. Salt cellars, dowry boxes, communion bread seal -makers, roadside crucifixes and old model crosses are made of linden, ash or oak.

Lepădatu family – wood carving craftsmen

Lepădatu family from Băbeni – Vâlcea has reached its six generation of craftsmen, the art of wood carving being passed on from generation to generation. Their works include: dippers, spoons and bowls, preventing the loss of Romanian tradition.

CHISE FLORIAN – palinka (fruit brandy) from Bihor

Chise Florin, a palinka maker from Bihor remains a representative of the Romanian brand by means of Pălinca Trămuța. A lover of Romanian folklore, you can recognize Florin Chise by his traditional costume and by the palinka scent coming from his hut.

TIRBAN MARIUS – phytotherapist

Tirban Marius Gheorghe from Poienii de Jos, Bihor is the man to look for at the Bucharest Christmas market if you want to treat your health issues by means of 100% natural remedies. Here you can find teas, tinctures, syrups and ointments.

ZOTA EMIL – beekeeper – honey and related products

The Zota family, parents and children come from Vrancea and are at a third generation of bee-keepers. Zota farm has a wide bee garden which includes 360 bee families and represented România at Berlin. In their hut you can find the following products: fir tree syrup, linden flower honey, rape seed honey, hawk -bit honey, honeycomb, raw and dry pollen, propolis and honey vinegar. The wax figures crafted in detail by Mrs. Zota are a delight for those who stop and watch.

RADU DINCA – glass painting

He paints traditional glass religious icons depicting religious Orthodox figures. The frames are made of wood and colourful wax.  The paintings are made by using tempera paint, egg emulsion and oil and the technique is a traditional one.


Mihaela Moldoveanu has at her hut an impressive Romanian blouse collection. They are made of melted fabric decorated with silk thread using traditional motifs from all around the country.


The craft of Ionescu Lacrămioara is weaving flax fabrics. Perfect for a special Christmas gift are the tablecloths, bookmarks, wine bottle holders or head kerchiefs.

MATEESCU GHEORGHE – a craftsman from Argeș

Gheorghe Mateescu and his wife lead the life of genuine craftsmen and at the same time manage to adapt artistic innovation to their craft. In their hut at the Bucharest Christmas Market you may discover household items, small pieces of furniture, decorations, wood carvings and glass religion icons.

ZAPCA MARIA – artisan from Săpânța

Coming from Săpânța, Maria Zapca represents and transmits to the young generation the traditional art from Maramures. Her crafts is weaving rugs, bedspreads, shirts, necklaces, traditional costumes (even for dolls) as well as bags, a wide range of traditional products that you may admire at the  Bucharest Christmas Market.

ROTAR ALEXANDRU – glass craftsman

Descending from an old glass craftsmen family, which around 1600 were processing glass in the first Romanian factory of this type in Porumbacu de Sus, Alexandru Rotaru strongly believes that glass making must remain an art. You can find him in his workshop at the market, flame-processing glass and turning it into valuable art works.


The company set up by Bibiana Stanciulov is a Royal family supplier and this honour has been bestowed onto her as Topoloveni jam is the only product of its type which is “healthy sweet”, not containing any synthetic preservatives, no additives, no sweeteners, made in Romania.

MARIA and MARIUS VERDESI – traditional products

Zimbria brand can be associated with the best traditional products from Moldavia. The cheese-making recipes are traditional ones and milk production follows an old tradition. You can meet Maria and Marius Verdesi at the Bucharest Christmas Market in order to get convinced that their products are more and more well-known and appreciated around the country.

ONU ELISABETA – ginger bread from Argeș

A less well-known craft, however one which involves attention to detail and craftsmanship is making gingerbread. Onu family from Argeș is renowned for this craft. For Elisabeta Onu, preparing ginger bread products is an art which follows a clearly established process: she kneads the dough for the gingerbread, models it, sets it to grow and the into the oven.

CRĂCIUN MIRCEA – Roma traditional costumes

In case you visit the  Bucharest Christmas Market it is impossible not to be attracted by traditional Roma costumes and hand-made jewellery crafted by Mircea Crăciun, craftsman.  They made costumes for “Inimă de ţigan” (Gipsy heart ) novella and by the participants in the ,,dancing for  a dream’’ TV show.